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Larsen Self-Levelling Compound Pallet Deal



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Professional SLC 1500 Commercial is a single pack, fast-drying, hand or pump-applied cement-based underlayment.

It is manufactured from a controlled blend of special sands, cements and synthetic polymers to give a high-quality flooring product, which is self-levelling and smoothing. For use in fast track domestic and commercial situations, such as, where levelling of up to 25mm is required, or when finishes need to be applied quickly. It is ideal for offices, dwellings, schools, hospitals, airports, etc. and is suitable for use over underfloor heating. SLC1500 should be overlaid with a suitable resilient floor finish (e.g. carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, resin coatings, etc).

Single pack
Up to 25mm in one application
Fast drying – apply moisture sensitive finishes after 24 hours
Foot traffic in 2 – 4 hours
BS EN 13813 CT – C30 – F7

Pallet Deal Type

Adhesive & Grout

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