4D Virtual Showroom

4D Virtual Showroom

Not only do we have a fantastic range of products in our Showroom, but we have now extended massively.  Our extension will put you in the Virtual World  of 4D.  If you were worried us not having the bathroom suite you were wanting see in our show room.  There is now no worry at all.

With our 4D Virtual World we can now make you feel your actually in your own Bathroom, Kitchen or even en-suite, or any other room your are thinking of Tiling.

With our 4D Showroom  you get the sense of really being there, walking through your own room, using your hands to open and close doors and drawers, there is a mass of information being absorbed, understood and retained.

Any dislikes you may have we can quickly convert them into likes and create your perfect room through a fast, switchable system with unlimited changes.

We can change everything from colours of cupboards and handles or the style of the Mosaic or Metro Tiles.

Designs in Virtual Worlds 4D Showroom appear with unsurpassed depth, scale and parallax, and are capable of creating the excitement and adrenalin rush.

Come visit us and feel how your dream project will look and feel. Dont be settled to second best of old 2D or 3D drawings.